Padraic Joyce – Anything Less Than All-Ireland Win An Underachievement

Newly appointed Galway football manager Padraic Joyce has set his stall out early claiming it is his aim to deliver a tenth All-Ireland senior football success to his native county.

The GAA legend was recently appointed as successor to former teammate Kevin Walsh. The man who guided the Tribesmen to an All-Ireland semi-final as well as an Allianz League final in 2018.

However, 2019 would not go well for Galway as they capitulated in the second half of their Connacht Final against Roscommon before falling to Mayo in round 4 of the qualifiers.

Speaking to Galway Bay FM, his first interview since being appointed, Joyce outlined in no uncertain terms what Galway’s goals are going forward.

“I’m a Galway man by heart and by nature so we want to do our best for Galway,” Joyce said.

“Our aim is to win another All-Ireland – simple as that. Anything less will be seen as an underachievement.

“I’m obviously delighted and honoured and privileged to be in the position as Galway senior football manager.

“It probably came around very fast for me, and a little bit quicker than I anticipated but the chance came up and I had to really put my name in the hat for it.

“Thankfully I was successful and just met the lads at the weekend to do some assessing on them to see where they are at.

“But they are a great bunch of guys and we’ll have a development squad in for the next couple of weeks and we’ll see how we get on with that. First impressions, I’m delighted to be involved.”

The decision to appoint Joyce, arguably the county’s greatest ever player, came at a time when there was a lot of in-house fighting going on in Galway. Something that had been played in out in the national media.

Despite the current dispute between the county board and Supermacs chief Pat McDonagh, Joyce is only focusing on matters on the field.

“Not really, there’s a lot of facets to the Galway brand. There’s a lot of publicity out there about different stuff which we have seen, but that stuff that happened – it had nothing to do with Padraic Joyce or Galway football.

“That’s something in the background that happened and a lot of stuff happened two or three years ago which had nothing to do with the current set of players. All I care about is the players really at the end of the day.

“Yes, there were different rows going on with sponsors and we are not going to be stupid and not mention that, but that’s for the county board to sort out with the sponsors and they will sort it out. Pat McDonagh is a good man, and the county board I’ve been dealing with – I see them as good people at the minute and they have been very warm to me.

“Yes, the process for interviewing candidates probably did drag on a bit longer than anticipated in regards getting candidates names from clubs because a lot of counties would have been back training at that stage as we were looking for a manager.

“It’s a process we have got to follow. The bad publicity at the minute; it’s going to get better the off-season is in so we have nothing else to talk about and we find stuff to talk about.”

Galway have come in for some negative press in recent seasons due to their style of play.

While traditionally, the county was known more for their expansive, attacking and attractive style of football. The last few years have been deemed too negative by many both inside and outside the county.

Joyce claims he will adopt a more expansive brand of football that will hopefully reconnect the county with their supporters.

“We just have to catch up to Corofin, they have a great model at their club and they are easy to watch. The good teams are always easy to watch and Dublin football is very easy to watch.

“I understand what you are saying that there does need to be a huge connection between the supporters of a team and the team, but the team in question need to give the supporters loads reasons to go and watch them.”

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