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“Only Donald Trump Gets As Much Coverage As The Kerry Captain”

kerry captain

The Kerry captaincy selection process has reared its head once again in recent weeks.

A number of Gaels have called for the traditional method still held in the Kingdom to be scrapped.

kerry captain

In a tale as old as time, Gaelic football’s aristocrats have opted to choose their senior captain each year based on the outcome of the county championship, with the winners choosing the team captain for the following season.

On Monday, a motion was put forward to change the rule regarding captaincy selection.

However, the motion failed to achieve a two-thirds majority vote meaning the status quo will remain for the foreseeable future.

Is it really such a big deal though? John Sugrue doesn’t seem to think so.

The former Laois senior boss is back working with the Kerry U20s and speaking at the launch of the 2020 EirGrid GAA Football U20 All-Ireland Championship.

He quipped that the Kerry captaincy gets as much media coverage as Donald Trump at this time of year.

kerry captain

“I think only Donald Trump gets as much media coverage at this time of year as the Kerry captain,” said Sugrue.

Sugrue continued by making his feelings clear that a captain is just one player on a team and that Kerry have every right to choose theirs in any way they see fit.

“It’s one of those things and I don’t get the attention it gets from the media. It’s one player on a team, the team comprises 15 players with maybe another 18 or 19 on the panel.

kerry captain

“Why all this talk? You can say what you want about different methods (for picking a captain).

“But it’s very much as case of each to their own and what Kerry do and what other counties do – who’s to say what’s right or wrong.

kerry captain

“I think a captain is a C put under your name on the team (sheet), you play on the team and it’s a small role in a group dynamic.

“If the group dynamic is strong enough it doesn’t matter who’s captain.”

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