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Shefflin Calls For Common Sense Following Hogan Red Card

Henry Shefflin has called for common sense from officials following the decision to send Richie Hogan off in Sunday’s All-Ireland SHC final. 

Hogan was shown a straight red card following a clash with Cathal Barrett on the stroke of half-time. In real-time, the incident looked like a yellow card offence, however, the replay’s seemed to show Hogan’s elbow making contact with Barrett’s head.

After deliberating with his officials, James Owens decided to give the Kilkenny forward his marching orders.

The decision no doubt had an impact on the game as Tipperary emerged for the second half and ran Kilkenny ragged en route to a 14-point win to seal their 28th All-Ireland title.

richie hogan

The decision was a huge talking point following the game with Kilkenny legend Henry Shefflin claiming a yellow would have sufficed for the challenge.

“This didn’t look a red card to me.”

“Where is the common sense to this? I don’t think Cathal Barrett was absolutely injured, I know they’re going to give out to me for saying this.”

After pushback, Shefflin continued:

“I still don’t think he hit him with his elbow in the face, for me it is a yellow card.”

henry shefflin

“I just think it was a yellow card offence and I stand by that… this game was influenced majorly by that decision. If there was a common sense decision I think for me it would have been a yellow card and we would have had a serious game.”

Clare legend Anthony Daly felt the red card ruined the game somewhat but found it difficult to agree with Shefflin’s sentiments.

“We would have had a better final Joanne no doubt but for me, the fourth angle would make it a conclusive red. I’m sorry, real-time again I thought yellow. We are sitting up here looking down but that fourth angle there’s an element of elbow to the head, for me it’s a red.”

Donal Óg Cusack also agreed with Daly that it was a red card offence.

“In my mind, that’s a red card, non-negotiable.”

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