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Quiz: Name This GAA All-Star Team Containing Just Three Counties

Earlier this week, we asked you to name the GAA Gaelic Football All-Star recipients for 2010. 

The award winners from ten years ago are unique in that eight different counties were represented in the final 15, the highest proportion of representation in the 21st century.

But what year was the lowest? Well, you only have to go back a further five years to 2005 where just three counties were represented in the final 15, the lowest proportion of county representation in the history of Gaelic football’s All-Star awards.

gaa quiz

Can you name those 15 players though that received the esteemed accolade back in 2005? The year will be remembered most for one team having to play 10 matches before getting their hands on the Sam Maguire Cup, the most matches ever played en route to an All-Ireland victory.

And the did it the hard way beaten three of the top four teams, the other being themselves, en route to glory.

gaa quiz

You will have five minutes to complete the quiz, one minute for each county and there will be no hints given the small number of counties involved.

Good luck and let us know what score you get.

If the quiz does not display below, just click here.


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