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DJ Carey Leads Kilkenny Footballers On Return To Minor Championship

After a three-year hiatus, the Kilkenny footballers returned to the Leinster Minor Football Championship with hurling legend, DJ Carey, at the helm. 

Kilkenny have not fielded a team in the grade since April 2016 when they suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Wexford.

The five-time All-Ireland winner, who also played football with the county, offered up his services to help try and improve football within the notorious hurling stronghold.

He took up the role as U14 manager in 2016 and on Wednesday evening led the Cats as they took to the field for their first Leinster Minor Football Championship game in three years.

Carey’s young guns put on a brave showing too, falling by just eight points to Louth on a scoreline of 3-16 to 3-8.

Speaking to the Irish Examiner in the week following their loss to Wexford in 2016, Carey spoke of his disappointment but claimed that the standard was still there in Kilkenny to be able to compete.

“A result like that is very disappointing, to be fair. I would like to see football stronger.

“People might not believe it but while football is not at a standard in Kilkenny where it is in Kerry, Dublin or Donegal, there’s still a very decent standard.

“I would see Kilkenny being able to compete with half the counties in Ireland at U12, U13 or U14 level. Unfortunately, or fortunately, you have to look at it and say that the success of the hurling team has been so massive, that everyone wants to hurl.”

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