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Use Of Sin Bin Among Proposed Changes To Gaelic Football Rules

GAA championship Gaelic Football rule changes

The GAA’S Standing Committee on the Playing Rules has issued a list of five proposed experimental rule changes for Gaelic Football, including the introduction of the sin bin.

If approved by Coiste Bainistíochta, the proposed rule changes would be implemented as a trial during the 2019 Allianz Football Leagues.

However, they would not feature in the championship until approved by the GAA Congress in 2020.

One of the proposed rule changes is the introduction of the sin bin for a black card infraction or two yellow card infractions. The player would spend 10 minutes ‘in the bin’ with no substitutions allowed.

Should the player receive a subsequent black or yellow card, they would be issued with a red card.

Another proposal is that a sideline kick is aimed in a forward direction from the kick, except in the case of a side-line kick being taken by an attacking player on or inside the opponents’ 13m line in which case they may kick the ball in any direction.

The committee also suggests a restriction of three consecutive passes of the ball with the fist or open hand by players of the team in possession.

Another proposal was to extend the application of the Mark to the clean catching of the ball on or inside the 20m line from a kick delivered on or beyond the 45m line without it touching the ground.

The final proposal suggested that two players only from each team shall be positioned between the two 45m lines for a kick-out.

The goalkeeper and a maximum of six players from each team shall be behind the respective 45m lines, until the ball is kicked.

The ball from the kick-out shall travel beyond the 45m line before being played by a player of the defending team.

These proposals were drawn up by the committee based on analysis and data of games since 2011 in consultation with every county. They are on an experimental basis only and will be subject to a review.

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Author: Marisa Kennedy

Marisa is a Digital Journalist with Pundit Arena. You can contact her at [email protected] or on Twitter