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“If We Don’t Talk, We Don’t Talk” – Davy Fitzgerald On Lohan Relationship

Fitzgerald Lohan

Davy Fitzgerald has admitted that he wants to see former teammate Brian Lohan do well in his position as Clare manager despite the pair’s turbulent relationship.

Fitzgerald and Lohan formed the bedrock of Clare’s team throughout the 1990s as goalkeeper and full-back respectively and won two All-Irelands beside each other in ’95 and ’97.

However, the relationship turned sour when Lohan was openly critical of Fitzgerald during his spell as Clare manager, believing that the team receded following their All-Ireland success in 2013.

Fitzgerald Lohan

The duo also famously came to blows in the Fitzgibbon Cup as respective managers of local rivals UL and LIT.

Following their public fallout, Fitzgerald hit back at his former teammate in his 2018 autobiography, ‘At All Costs’.

Speaking on the Sunday Game over the weekend, the current Wexford manager described Lohan as “one of the best full-backs” and wished him well in as manager of their native county. However, he admitted that they may not interact with each other in future clashes between their respective sides.

Fitzgerald Lohan

“Make no mistake about it, Brian was one of the best full-backs I’ve ever seen. We had a unique friendship.

“Going forward with Clare, I honestly want to see Brian doing well, 100%. We’ll come across each other on the sideline and there might be no talk, but still, I’d like to see him do well.

“I got hurt at the start from a bit of criticism and probably Brian got hurt that I said stuff in my book. Maybe we should be big enough to forget about it and move on, there are a lot more important things in life.

“Having dealt with Brian professionally, he’s a good guy. If we don’t talk, we don’t talk, but I honestly wish him and the boys all the best.”

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Author: Marisa Kennedy

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