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Cheatsheet: The Brewing Fight Between Donegal & The GAA Explained

It’s been barely a week since Kildare took a stance against the GAA over the venue chosen for their qualifying clash with Mayo and now it looks as though another protest is on the horizon. We’ve broken down the details behind the impending feud between Donegal and the GAA.

When did this all start?

On Monday evening Donegal released a statement saying that they would be a requesting a meeting with GAA officials “to ensure a level playing field for every team who will qualify for the All Ireland Group Stage”.


What exactly is the problem?

On Tuesday it was confirmed by the Central Competitions Control Committee that Donegal and Dublin will clash in Group 2 of the Super 8s in Croke Park on July 14 at 7pm. Donegal see this as an unfair advantage to Dublin as Croke Park is their home ground.


What is written in the rulebook?

A motion was passed at the GAA Congress 2017 that each team would have a home game, a game at a neutral venue (Croke Park) and an away game in the new round-robin format. From this ruling, Dublin will play twice at GAA HQ.


Was the motion disputed at the time?

No, the motion was fully agreed upon during Congress but it has been argued that the issue did not arise then because few understood that the wording of ‘one game in a neutral venue’ really meant ‘one game in Croke Park’.


Will the GAA officials meet with Donegal?

Yes, it has been announced that Donegal representatives will meet with officials at GAA HQ tomorrow.

Allianz Football League Division 4 Final, Croke Park, Dublin 31/3/2018 Carlow vs Laois A general view of Croke Park ahead of the game
INPHO/Laszlo Geczo


What is likely to be the outcome?

The CCCC have the final say on all fixture details for every game bar one round in the qualifiers when home advantage is given to the first team out of the bowl during the draw. This means that they have the power to ignore the rulebook and move the fixture should they wish to do so following tomorrow’s meeting.


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