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CCCC To Be Given More Power In Future Following Austin Gleeson Incident

In the aftermath of Waterford’s Austin Gleeson being cleared of any wrongdoing in Sunday’s All-Ireland semi-final versus Cork, the Central Competitions Control Committee (CCCC) will be given more power to sanction players in the coming seasons.

Gleeson is free to play in the All-Ireland final after referee James Owens admitted that he had already ruled on an altercation involving the Waterford man and Cork’s Luke Meade. The incident led to Meade’s helmet being pulled off.

Given that the referee was happy with his handling of the matter, this left the CCCC powerless and therefore they were unable to impose any sanction. This, however, could be set to change in the coming seasons.

According to The Independent’s Martin Breheny, GAA sources have indicated that the committee will now be allowed to use video evidence to overturn a referee’s decision if it is viewed that the official made the wrong call on a controversial decision.


Changes would have to be made to the existing rules regarding officiating – but given the controversy and debate that have surrounded the helmet rule in this year’s championship – one would imagine changes would be met with widespread support.

Allowing the CCCC to use TV evidence to rule on incidents would make the adjudicatory process much clearer – and would see cases being dealt with much quicker – given that Tadhg de Búrca’s suspension for the All-Ireland semi-final was only confirmed two days before the game itself.

The CCCC wanted to look into the matter involving Gleeson at the weekend – and overturn James’ ruling on the matter – but it seems as if now they will get what they want come the beginning of the 2018 Championship. This would stamp out any rule-breaking regarding helmet-pulling or disciplinary breaches of any sort.

While Gleeson and Galway’s Adrian Tuohy will feel relieved to be allowed to take part in the clash for the Liam MacCarthy Cup on September 3, players will have to be much more careful in future, as the CCCC will most likely be a much more influential figure in coming seasons.

Jordan Norris, Pundit Arena.


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