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Pundit Arena’s Ultimate Gaelic Football Team Of The Noughties

This particular one took a long time to choose.  The Gaelic football decade from 2000-2009 was ultimately dominated by four counties who took home All-Ireland titles, Tyrone, Kerry, Armagh and Galway. While Galway’s reign spanned the first few years of the decade, it was Tyrone and Kerry, with Armagh a constant presence, who consumed control in the latter half of …

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Alan Brogan On The Player He Benchmarked Himself Against

alan brogan

Alan Brogan was a once in a generation type of footballer whose career spanned two generations that are seemingly polar opposite. While the ‘noughties’ mirrored Gaelic football’s traditional method of kick and chase, the 2010s era ushered in a more controlled possession-based game that turned many spectators off. The Dublin legend’s career crossed over both decades and while he rode …

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David Gough Not Willing To Return Until Vaccine Made Available

david gough

David Gough has said he will not return to referee Gaelic football matches until a vaccine is made available for Covid-19. Whilst the season has been suspended due to the ongoing health crisis, last Friday it was announced that games could return by July 20 under the roadmap outlined by the Government. While Leo Varadkar outlined on the Late Late …

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David Clifford Names Toughest Ever Opponent

david clifford

David Clifford is probably the most intriguing footballer in Ireland. Marked out from before he was old enough to drive as a star in the making, the Kingdom captain has done nothing to dampen those expectations following two highly successful debut seasons playing senior inter-county football. The Kerry forward is already recognised as one of the best players in the …

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Benny Tierney On Why He Wouldn’t Survive The Modern Game

benny tierney

If you’re a GAA fan sitting at home idle on this sunny Bank Holiday Monday under lockdown you could do worse than tune in to BBC Radio Ulster’s Sportsound Extra Time this evening.  The weekly show, hosted by Nikki Gregg, focuses on the big stories of the week as well as in-depth interviews with some of the biggest names in …

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Narrative Reflects Poorly On Memorable Decade Of Football

Article originally published September 29, 2019. _____ The decade belongs to the Dubs. That much cannot be disputed. A team that was once viewed as a band of also-rans are now running away with it and show no signs of stopping after seven All-Ireland titles in ten seasons. We aren’t going to discuss the ins and outs of “financial doping” …

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GAA “Open” To Letting Current Season Run Into 2021

GAA President John Horan has outlined that the association would be open to letting the 2020 season run into 2021 should it be unable to be completed by the end of the year. The recent coronavirus pandemic has decimated the sporting calendar, with GAA one of a plethora of sports who have felt the effect of the global crisis. The …

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Can You Get Top Marks In This Gaelic Football Top Scorers Quiz?

gaa championship top scorers

Every county has a scorer-in-chief. That dead ball expert who is equally effective from open play and is often credited with changing the game in favour of their teams. However, what we want to know is can you name the top scorer from every All-Ireland football championship season of the 21st century? There are 20 seasons to cover and 11 …

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How GAA’s Most Heated Rivals Ended Up Sharing A Holiday Resort

What is Gaelic football’s greatest ever rivalry? For many, the Dublin/Kerry saga of the late 1970s stands out as the most storied era of Gaelic football. While those of a younger persuasion may steer towards the great Armagh/Tyrone rivalry of the early 2000s.  However, one rivalry stands above even those previously mentioned based on sheer tension, toughness and hatred towards …

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The Five Greatest Gaelic Football Comebacks Of The 21st Century

Continuing on with our list of GAA greats, it’s time to look back at the greatest Gaelic football comebacks of the 21st century.  We’ve chosen five games from the last 20 seasons of action where one team looked dead and buried only to rise like Lazarus and advance to the next round of their respective championship. To qualify for our …

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The Controversial 1986 International Rules Tour That Gripped The Nation

The International Rules series is a topic of conversation that divides Gaels across Ireland.  Since its inception in 1967, when All-Ireland champions, Meath, took on an Australian-select, the hybrid game has split opinions due to its robust nature and history of violent flashpoints. Australia’s 2006 tour of Ireland stands out as one year where the future of the games hung …

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Selecting Gaelic Football’s Greatest Midfielder – The Final

great all-star midfielders

All week long you’ve been voting for the greatest All-Star midfielder in Gaelic football history.  We started with 25 candidates and have whittled them down to just five for this weekend’s final. The final sees a couple of Kerry legends go up against the two Brian’s from Dublin while there is an Ulster GAA icon thrown in to shake things …

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