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RTE panellists have differing views on Brian Cody and Henry Shefflin’s handshake

Brian Cody Henry Shefflin

Joanne Cantwell and Jackie Tyrell had very different views on the handshake that took place between Brian Cody and Henry Shefflin.

Kilkenny got the better of Galway in the Leinster Championship final, having lost out to the Tribesmen by a single point when the two sides played each other in Satlthill last month.

Much was made of the tense handshake that Cody and Shefflin shared after that game, so naturally there was plenty of interest in how the two men, who experienced so much success together at Kilkenny, would act towards each other this time around.

It took a few minutes after the full-time whistle for Shefflin to go up to Cody to shake his hand, with the two very briefly exchanging words before the Galway boss walked away while shaking his head.

Former Kilkenny star Jackie Tyrell and former Dublin footballer Joanne Cantwell were speaking on RTE after the game and had very different views on the handshake that took place between the Kilkenny and Galway managers.

Differing views on the handshake between Brian Cody and Henry Shefflin.

“There’s a lovely touch. Just to see two lads that soldiered together for so many years,” Tyrell started.

“I have to say it didn’t look all that lovely, Jackie,” Cantwell cut in.

“Ah look, it’s nice to see themselves embrace each other,” Tyrell responded.

“But that’s not an embrace, that’s a very, very brief touch of hands,” Cantwell again pressed.

“Well look, it’s better than nothing Joanne. I think at the end of the day, it’s a game. We all love it and we all go and try to represent ourselves as best as possible,” Tyrell said.

“It’s nice to see the two lads acknowledge themselves. Henry won it in Salthill, Brian has won the Leinster final. They both move on from this. But you just have to be a hugely proud Kilkenny man tonight.

“Three in a row. I thought they were magnificent. They were brilliant on the line, brilliant on the pitch, the subs that came on..  it was just a really strong performance from the Kilkenny squad and management team.”

Both counties will soldier on.

There is a small chance that Kilkenny and Galway could meet for a third time this year, as the Cats have progressed to the All-Ireland semi-finals while the Tribesmen will play in the quarter-finals against either Cork or Antrim.

Kilkenny had mostly failed to impress this year, as they lost to both Galway and Wexford in the round-robin stage of the Leinster Championship, but they were much improved at Croke Park on Saturday evening.

Galway suffered their first loss of this year’s championship at Croke Park, although if they do not improve they are unlikely to go any further than an All-Ireland quarter-final this year.

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