Peter Canavan surprised by Glen’s All-Ireland Club final objection

Peter Canavan

Peter Canavan is surprised that Watty Graham’s Glen have made an official objection following their All-Ireland Club final defeat.

Kilmacud Crokes claimed a two-point victory against Glen in Sunday’s All-Ireland final, although the Dublin club were seen to have 16 players defending their goal in the last play of the game.

Glen have since made an official objection to the GAA over the incident, which could result in either a replay of the All-Ireland final, the match being awarded to the Derry club or Kilmacud Crokes being fined.

Speaking on the RTE GAA podcast, Tyrone great Peter Canavan admitted he was surprised that Glen appealed and argued that there will be no winners emerging from the situation.

Peter Canavan on Glen’s objection.

“You could gather from [Glen manager] Malachy O’Rourke’s reaction immediately after the game, he knew that they were wronged and he wasn’t happy about it,” Canavan said.

“But his initial reaction was, ‘That’s it, there’s going to be nothing we will do about it, it’s not Glen’s way of doing things’.

“I would say a number of people within the club at the committee level and a lot of neutral observers were encouraging Glen to go down this road. It’s a road that I was surprised that they did take.

“I can’t see this being solved in a very short space of time because I do think Kilmacud will put in a counter-objection and claim that they have done nothing wrong.

“Even though it was clear that they had an extra player on the pitch, they will say that their sub was given the go-ahead to go in and that the referee didn’t allow time to get the other player off the pitch.

“It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances, I don’t think there’s going to be any winners out of it.”

A replay would disrupt the Allianz Leagues.

As the Allianz Football Leagues are starting this weekend, a replay of the All-Ireland Club final would disrupt campaigns for counties with players involved with either Glen or Kilmacud.

Derry footballers Conor Glass, Emmett Bradley and Ethan Doherty all play for Glen, while Galway’s Shane Walsh and returning Dublin star Paul Mannion play for Kilmacud.

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