‘There is nothing to be gained from splitting Dublin’ – Leinster GAA chief

Leinster GAA chairman Pat Teehan has insisted that Dublin’s success “warrants special mention” and is a positive for the “entire association”.

Dublin became the first team in the history of the GAA, in both Gaelic football and hurling, to win six All-Ireland senior championship in a row.

The Dubs have also dominated the Leinster football championship, winning their 10th title in a row last year by dismantling Meath in a one-sided final at Croke Park.

As a result, there have been calls to split Dublin into as many as four separate teams, but according to the Irish Independent Teehan is strongly against the idea of splitting up the reigning All-Ireland champions.

“The achievement of the Dublin footballers in creating history, in both Leinster and nationally, warrants special mention. The team has enjoyed unparalleled success. 10 Leinster titles in a row and six All-Ireland championships.

“However, in the wake of the Metropolitan’s historic success, it is unfortunate that some people have decided to target Dublin in a negative manner, with suggestions being put forward, in some quarters, for collective collaboration to prevent a team from being successful.

“Yes, Dublin have advantages in terms of population and in terms of the finance they can raise. Corporate and sponsorship opportunities offer them access to money not available everywhere – that’s a fact of life.

“Their continued success helps that process. But the people calling for their dismantling have short memories,” Teehan said at the 2020 Leinster GAA Convention.

‘A vibrant GAA in the capital is good for the entire association’

The Leinster GAA chairman pointed out the waning popularity of Gaelic games in the capital in the late ’90s and early ’00s serves as a warning to splitting up Dublin.

“It is not so long ago since Gaelic Games was the third most popular sport in the capital. That has been turned around by proper structures being put in place at club and county level and by a lot of hard work.

“Do we really want to see that effort decline or even see it reversed? Surely, that would be counterproductive for our Association? There is nothing to be gained from division or in depicting Dublin as a problem when, in fact, the opposite is the case.

“A vibrant GAA in the capital is good for the entire association and no amount of misguided commentary can change that fact,” Teehan commented.

Not all associated with the GAA in Leinster are of the same mind as Teehan, with former Westmeath player John Connellan calling for a boycott of the Leinster championship last year in response to Dublin’s dominance.

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