Niall Morgan questions if Dublin would have won six-in-a-row playing in Ulster

Niall Morgan Dublin

Tyrone goalkeeper Niall Morgan has questioned whether Dublin would have won six All-Irelands in-a-row if they played in the Ulster Championship.

The future of the format of the All-Ireland Football Championship is set to be decided at a GAA Special Congress this month, with a league-format heavily favoured among players.

The league format, known as ‘Proposal B’, would see the provincial championships being played as a pre-season tournament, where they would have no impact on the All-Ireland series.

Morgan was speaking to Off The Ball about why he is in favour of a league format, and argued that it would make the championship fairer as Dublin would have to play teams outside of Leinster before the All-Ireland series.

Niall Morgan on Dublin and the Championship proposals.

“This was my ninth year up playing for Tyrone, and I’ve won three Ulsters and one All Ireland. In that time, Dublin have won – what – seven All Irelands,” Morgan said.

“It’s not saying Dublin aren’t a great team, but would they have won all of those All Irelands coming out of Ulster? Where they had to play basically their best football to even get out of it?

“Dublin have to peak at a completely different time than us. This [Proposal B] puts it in a fairer way that everybody has to be ready for the start of their provincial championship.

“And then that leads them into the Championship league of seven games where they have to be ready to finish in the top five of Division 1.”

Dublin will have a harder route to the All-Ireland final.

While it can be argued about whether or not Dublin would have had as much success under a different format, it is true that the Dubs will have a considerably more difficult route to the final under ‘Proposal B’.

Dublin, and every other Division 1 team, will have to play seven of the best sides in the country before the All-Ireland quarter-finals under the new proposals.

They won’t have to win every one of those seven games, as the top five teams in Divison 1 will qualify for the All-Ireland quarter-finals, but the Dubs will certainly be coming up against much tougher opponents early on in the championship.

Dublin were the only Leinster side in Division 1 of the Allianz League this year, although they will be joined by Kildare next year, in comparison to the four Ulster sides that competed in the top division in 2021.

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