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Mark Vaughan recalls incident which made Pat Gilroy kick him off Dublin panel

Mark Vaughan

Mark Vaughan has revealed that his inter-county career came to an end when he was caught drinking in Cafe en Seine by Dublin manager Pat Gilroy.

Vaughan burst onto the scene with Dublin at the age of 19 in 2005, but his inter-county career would come to an end just four years later, shortly after Gilroy took charge.

A talented footballer, but not particularly disciplined, Vaughan was kicked off the Dublin panel in 2009 when he broke the team’s drinking ban, and he never played inter-county football again.

Speaking on Colm ‘Wooly’ Parkinson’s Smaller Fish GAA podcast, Vaughan revealed that Gilroy himself caught him red-handed.

Mark Vaughan on the end of his Dublin career.

“It was an embarrassing enough one, he spotted me basically in Cafe en Seine, him and his wife,” Vaughan revealed.

“I ran off, which kind of made it worse as well. You look a lot guiltier, especially when you’re ducking down trying to get through a crowded Cafe en Seine.

“I think the barman might have known him or his wife or something. I don’t know how he spotted me anyway, but I was caught badly and that was kind of the end of it.

“It was cut-throat. It was kind of just one call and that was it. That was kind of the way I left it as well.”

‘You’d walk further in 30 minutes.’

Vaughan didn’t play in any championship fixtures for Dublin in 2009, although he did feature in the league and in a couple of challenge matches and admitted that his effort levels weren’t quite up to scratch.

The Kilmacud Crokes man was subbed off after just four minutes in his final game for Dublin, although he pointed out that he still managed to score plenty in the match before that.

“I had a game before which I think was against Armagh, which I actually scored quite a lot in. But again, I got in quite a lot of trouble for it because my distance covered was like.. I mean you’d walk further in 30 minutes,” Vaughan admitted.

“I was trying to argue the point that my scoring was by far the best in the match, I think I got around 1-06. But I think I covered one-point-something kilometres in the whole game.

“He had a structure that he wanted to put in place and it was all around hard work-rate, which I probably didn’t fit in. I was probably a little bit stubborn, I would actually try to do less because he was trying to push me to that.”

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