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Lee Keegan admits Gaelic football is no longer his main focus

Lee Keegan

Mayo stalwart Lee Keegan has admitted that Gaelic football is no longer his main focus, as the pandemic and his children have put things into perspective.

Keegan made his senior debut for Mayo back in 2011, but at the age of 32, the Westport man is still going strong for his beloved county, despite the numerous heartbreaks he has suffered in his footballing career.

Mayo have a big game against Kildare this weekend, where a win would see them secure a place in the Allianz Leagues Division One final against Kerry.

However, Keegan doesn’t seem to be too nervous about this weekend’s game, as he told The GAA’s official website that he is enjoying his football now more than ever.

Lee Keegan on enjoying his football more than ever.

“The pandemic came at a great time for myself, personally. And kids, they put a lot of perspective on life. Football is no longer your main focus anymore,” Keegan said.

“Whereas football before was your sole goal, if you’re committed into it like we in Mayo are. It just engrosses, and takes over your life. That’s a good thing because it’s a good thing to have.

“Since the pandemic a lot of stuff has been put into perspective. I enjoy it more than I ever have. It’s more of a break for me to go in and enjoy the social aspect, keeping fit, keeping healthy.

“Not that I’m too much older, but where I’m at it’s good to see if I’m competing with the younger guys in Mayo as well. I was sharing a room with an 18-year-old for the Monaghan game and that definitely put me up the wrong wall. I thought, ‘now we’re in serious business here!”

Plenty to play for in the last round of the Allianz Leagues.

Keegan and his Mayo team mates aren’t the only county in Division One of the Allianz Leagues with plenty to play for this weekend, with a place in the final up for grabs, while others look to avoid the drop.

Kerry’s place in the final is assured, but Mayo, Armagh, Kildare, Donegal and Tyrone are all in with a chance of lining out at Croke Park next weekend.

Kildare, Donegal and Tyrone are also all in danger of being relegated however, as a win for either Dublin or Monaghan could see any of them fall into the relegation zone, if they lose their respective matches on Sunday.

There are also plenty of possible permutations in the lower divisions, which now have added importance, as only counties in the top two divisions will play in the All-Ireland series, if they fail to reach a provincial final in the championship.

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