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Kerry GAA deny ‘disgraceful’ reports about handling of Jack O’Connor appointment

Kerry Jack O'Connor

Kerry GAA county board chairman Tim Murphy has refuted the allegations surrounding the appointment of Jack O’Connor as senior football manager.

O’Connor was ratified as Kerry manager at Monday night’s county committee meeting, in what will be the 60-year-old’s third stint in charge of the Kingdom.

There has been some controversy surrounding his appointment however, firstly with Peter Keane’s claims that the players wanted him in charge and secondly with Off The Ball‘s report that O’Connor was already chosen as manager before the recruitment process had even started.

County board chairman Tim Murphy was speaking at the committee last night and refuted those allegations, describing them as “disgraceful and “the lowest of the low”.

Tim Murphy refutes allegations of wrongdoing.

“The final decision on this was made last Friday week morning, September 26th,” Murphy said, via The Irish Times.

“The suggestion that it was a done deal going back three weeks before or four weeks before or whatever is totally erroneous, totally untrue, totally unfounded. It has been put out there in the media by individuals for what reason I have no idea.

“Individuals who want to undermine us as a selection committee, who want to undermine us as a county committee and who want to undermine us as an executive.

“And I find it very disheartening, very disconcerting that people would actually believe that five people with the integrity and character of the people on that selection committee would in any way sully the reputation of Kerry in any way, shape, form or fashion.

“I think it’s disgraceful and I think it’s the lowest of the low. We’ve heard it today and in recent days and it’s so, so disrespectful for anyone who is on our selection committee.”

Kerry GAA thank Peter Keane for his services.

Despite Keane’s statement in which he questioned whether Kerry GAA had taken the players’ wishes into account regarding his dismissal, the county board thanked him for his services following the ratification of O’Connor.

The statement applauds Keane for taking a “young and inexperienced” team to the All-Ireland Football Final in his first year in charge, describing it as a “remarkable achievement”.

Kerry GAA acknowledged the “many personal sacrifices” that Keane had made during his time as the Kingdom’s senior football manager, while also thanking his selectors Maurice Fitzgerald, James Foley, and Tommy Griffin.

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