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Kerry’s Graham O’Sullivan pays tribute to clubmate who sadly passed away

Graham O'Sullivan

Kerry footballer Graham O’Sullivan has paid tribute to Tristan Huggard, a former clubmate of his who he played with for Waterville GAA.

The All-Ireland champions are touring Kerry with the Sam Maguire Cup at the moment, and have been greeted by great crowds as they celebrate their first triumph since 2014.

Although the players are enjoying their time in the sun, O’Sullivan put life into perspective when remembering his former clubmate and encouraged all those in the crowd to enjoy life in the moment.

Graham O’Sullivan pays tribute to Tristan Huggard.

“The week before the game, there were lots of people coming up to me and chatting away. A lot of people were asking if I was nervous, what was the pressure like, and all this,” O’Sullivan said.

“I suppose I was a bit nervous but the same very week, a young fella I played football with when I was younger back in Waterville sadly passed away.

“I was thinking about it, and I was thinking, ‘Jesus, how can I be nervous when I’m getting to live the peak of life at the moment? This experience is unbelievable.’

“So, I just want to remember Tristan tonight. He was a great character and a great young fella that I got on with very well. Just enjoy the moments that you get in life, no matter what age you are just enjoy it, because you’re just never going to know.”

A first All-Ireland triumph.

O’Sullivan won the All-Ireland for the first time with Kerry last Sunday and looks set to play a crucial role for the Kingdom for many years to come.

The young man is clearly thoughtful and very well grounded, and seems to be well aware that while sport at the top level can bring great pressure, everyone should aim to enjoy it as much as they can.

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