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John Mullane questions panel members’ exclusion at games

John Mullane has backed Limerick manager John Kiely’s call to the GAA to allow all squad members to be in attendance for the year’s remaining championship matches.

Mullane echoed the comments made by Kiely following Limerick’s Munster Hurling Championship final triumph over Waterford.

The Treaty boss bemoaned the fact that ten members of his squad had to watch the game from home.

“Today is tinged a little bit because of the fact that we haven’t got all our group with us.

“We’ve 10 players at home, which in my view is completely and utterly unacceptable, given that I’ve 20 reporters standing in front of me and I’ve 10 of my panel at home.

“I’m quite offended by that situation we’ve been put in. I would appeal to the authorities at Government level, at national level, to end this nonsense and allow the panels across all the county teams to be together,” Kiely commented.

“I think he’s 100% right”

The former Waterford hurler was speaking on the GAA podcast ‘The Throw IN’ and appealed to authorities to have use “common sense”.

“[Kiely is] 100% correct. I mean, how can you go in on a Tuesday and a Thursday night and have 36 lads train but yet you go play a match on a Sunday and those 36 lads can’t travel? You can only bring 26? So I think he’s 100% right, I think that has to change,” Mullane said.

As things stand, no spectators are allowed into Irish stadiums under Level 5 coronavirus restrictions.

However, the four-time Munster champion couldn’t wrap his head around how an extra 10 squad members would make a difference.

“An awful lot of non-GAA people will probably be saying; ‘Well, who are they to be saying what we should and shouldn’t do’ but I think he’s 100% correct,” he continued.

“I just think a bit of common sense has to prevail. It doesn’t make sense where you can have 36 lads training on the Tuesday, and probably a Thursday or Friday night, but yet they can’t go with you to a match on the Sunday,” Mullane commented.

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