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Joe Brolly points out discrepancies in RTE’s coverage of Mayo and Tyrone

Joe Brolly RTE

‘When Mayo beat the Dubs, it was as though the final had been won.’

Joe Brolly has argued that RTE’s recent coverage of the All-Ireland semi-finals made out that Mayo had already won the Sam Maguire, while Tyrone weren’t given much credit for their defeat of Kerry.

Mayo and Tyrone both achieved remarkable upset victories against the highly favoured pair of Dublin and Kerry to set up an unlikely All-Ireland final encounter.

Both teams were applauded for their efforts, although Brolly has argued that Mayo have gotten more favourable coverage than Tyrone from the national broadcaster.

Joe Brolly on RTE’s coverage of Mayo and Tyrone.

Brolly took to Twitter to comment on RTE’s coverage of the two semi-finals, which he goes into in more detail in his article for the Irish Independent.

“When Mayo beat the Dubs, it was as though the final had been won,” Brolly wrote.

“On RTÉ, they rolled out a melodramatic tribute to Mayo, all stirring music and sentimental images. After Tyrone screwed Kerry over and got on the bus home, the big question on RTÉ was ‘How did Kerry lose?’”

Joe Brolly on Aidan O’Shea’s Sunday World appearance.

Brolly has criticised Mayo for their “celebrity culture” in the past, and appeared to do so again in regards to an interview Aidan O’Shea did with the Sunday World.

The former Derry footballer claimed that Tyrone captain Pádraig Hampsey wouldn’t be involved in a similar “promo” to the one that his Mayo counterpart featured in.

“Last week the Mayo captain did a promo in the Sunday World, running through the waves wearing only swim-shorts,” Brolly tweeted.

“We’ll be waiting a while for Tyrone captain Pádraig Hampsey to invite the readers of Hello! into his Coalisland home, wowing fans with his Egyptian cotton pyjamas.”

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