Jackie Tyrrell hits out at ‘double standard’ Kerry face in hurling

Jackie Tyrrell

Jackie Tyrell has argued that the method of promotion to the Munster Championship needs to change for the sake of fairness.

Kerry will face Antrim in the Joe McDonagh Cup final on June 4th, but only the Ulster county are guaranteed promotion to the top tier of the championship should they win.

Antrim will replace Laois in next year’s Leinster Championship if they are crowned as Joe McDonagh Cup champions, but Kerry will need to beat Tipperary in a play-off if they are to compete in next year’s Munster Championship.

Kilkenny great Jackie Tyrrell was speaking on the RTE GAA podcast and argued that Kerry should be given the same chance at progression as counties outside of Munster.

Jackie Tyrrell on promotion to the Munster Championship.

“It doesn’t make sense. There is definitely a double-standard. They need to look at that and change it,” Tyrrell said.

“For a competition that you’re trying to promote and drive that you still have to play a play-off. If they do beat Antrim it will leave a sour taste in their mouth if they’re beaten by Tipperary then.

“They’re not really rewarded for Joe McDonagh, there’s no progression for them. And that’s what we need in hurling. Giving our weaker teams a chance to get up to Liam MacCarthy, test themselves against the best and try to move on.”

Access to the provincial championships.

Counties from Leinster, Connacht and Ulster can all qualify for the Leinster Hurling Championship, with Galway being a mainstay in the tournament while Antrim have also frequently taken part.

Kerry were previously eligible for the Leinster Championship, and took part in the province’s qualifying tournament in 2016 and 2017, but since 2018 they have only been eligible for the Munster Championship.

Leinster has been far more welcoming than its Munster counterpart, as the championship has expanded from five to six teams since the round-robin format was introduced in 2018, while promotion and relegation has taken place every year.

Munster, on the other hand, has featured the same five teams every year since then and that looks unlikely to change any time soon if Kerry are required to win a promotion play-off to qualify.

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