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Henry Shefflin allowed former team mates to think Davy Fitzgerald would be Galway manager

Henry Shefflin Davy Fitzgerald

Aidan Fogarty has revealed that Henry Shefflin kept his mouth shut when reports of Davy Fitzgerald taking over as Galway’s senior hurling manager emerged.

Kilkenny legend Shefflin will take over as Galway’s hurling manager for next year, in what will be the three-time All Stars hurler of the year’s first inter-county managerial role.

Shefflin’s appointment came out of left field, as it appeared experienced inter-county manager Fitzgerald was set to get the nod, with even the man’s former Kilkenny team mates left in the dark.

Fogarty was speaking in Off The Ball and revealed that Shefflin allowed his former team mates to believe Fitzgerald was set to become Galway’s new hurling manager on a WhatsApp group with fellow retired Kilkenny hurlers.

Aidan Fogarty on Henry Shefflin keeping quiet about Davy Fitzgerald.

“We have our own Whatsapp group with a few ex hurlers, JJ [Delaney], Tommy [Walsh], and myself and Henry are in it as well,” former Kilkenny hurler Fogarty said.

“We put in the story about Davy Fitz going to Galway and we’re saying, ‘that’s amazing’, and Henry didn’t say a word!

“I was waiting to see, because I’d heard in on the grapevine that he was in contention for it but I didn’t know do say anything. He didn’t say a thing on Whatsapp, he was cute enough.

“For me, there’s mixed emotions, because it feels like we’re losing one of our own. Galway already feel like a Championship contender and they’re going to gain all this experience and just a great guy.”

The future is looking a little brighter for Galway.

2021 proved to be a very disappointing year for Galway, as they suffered a shock defeat to Dublin in their Leinster Championship semi-final encounter, before their season was ended by Waterford in an All-Ireland qualifier.

Joe Canning, arguably the greatest hurler in Galway, announced his retirement from the sport shortly after that loss before manager Shane O’Neill announced he would not look to seek a further term in charge last month.

Galway do have reasons to be hopeful however, thanks to Shefflin’s appointment and the young talent that has come through county’s underage system.

The Tribesmen have won five of the last seven All-Ireland Minor Hurling Championships, which of course bodes well for their future at senior level under their new manager.

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