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Damien Cahalane explains difficulty of playing for two different clubs

Damien Cahalane

Damien Cahalane has commended Castlehaven’s football manager and St Finbarr’s hurling manager for facilitating his peculiar dual club career.

The Cork inter-county hurler is in quite a unique situation, as Cahalane plays Gaelic football for Castlehaven, while he plays hurling for St Finbarr’s.

It can be difficult for players to commit to Gaelic football and hurling at the same club, although Cahalane has further complicated the matter by playing for two separate clubs.

Tensions can often exist between football and hurling managers at the same club in relation to dual players, as commitments to the two teams can often overlap, and playing for two separate clubs would only further complicate matters.

Cork’s Damien Cahalane was speaking on Colm ‘Wooly’ Parkinson’s Smaller Fish GAA podcast, and admitted that while he doesn’t know how his two separate managers get along, he thanked both clubs for their understanding.

Damien Cahalane on playing for two separate clubs.

“I don’t know, you’d have to ask them individually I’d say. I’d say they communicate all right,” Cahalane said when asked about the relationship between Castlehaven’s football manager and St Finbarr’s hurling manager.

“Ah look, I’d say it’s not always easy and I don’t envy anyone in a managerial position that has to deal with the logistics of dealing with dual players.

“To be fair, to their credit, both sides were very good to us this year. I assume their dealings with the ‘Barrs footballers as well were the same and that they were very fair.

“At the stage of the year where you’re playing championship, you’re not going to get a whole pile out of training. It’s massively about your recovery and both set-ups were very respectful and very accepting of the need for recovery between games.”

The Cork man has enjoyed success at both clubs.

Cahalane has won county titles in both football and hurling, while he has won the Munster Hurling Championship on three occasions at inter-county level with Cork.

The dual player won the Cork Senior Football Championship with Castlehaven in 2012 and 2013, while he won the Cork Premier Senior Hurling Championship for the first time this year with St Finbarr’s.

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