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Bernard Flynn suggests that plenty of counties are training despite restrictions


Former Meath footballer Bernard Flynn has said he is shocked that more counties haven’t been caught breaching coronavirus restrictions in order to train.

The Monaghan footballers were recently found to have breached restrictions by partaking in a training session, the fourth county to have been caught doing so, along with Dublin, Cork and Down.

Flynn was speaking to the Irish Examiner about the recent training sessions and admitted that he was surprised that more counties haven’t been caught doing the same.

“Honestly, I think the others are very lucky they haven’t been caught. Dublin shocked me more than anyone else, I was so surprised to see that. I know there are more than that doing it and still doing it,” Flynn said.

“That’s their own business. It wouldn’t bother me if I were a manager, if someone else was doing it. I wouldn’t get involved. But I’m shocked only four have been caught out of the amount that are actually doing it.”


‘It could galvanise them.’

Dublin have been widely criticised for what appeared to be a supervised, non-contact training session that was attended by at least nine players.

While Dublin manager Dessie Farrell was ultimately suspended for 12 weeks for the training session, despite not actually attending it himself, Flynn believes the punishment may spur the Dublin footballers on.

“What could happen is it could galvanise them a bit. I don’t think it’ll leave a stain — they’ll more than likely go and win seven [in a row] this year,” Flynn commented.


“Dessie will have two in the bag then himself. I think the All-Ireland [win in 2020] was massive for him, that people don’t realise the pressure that was on him. If he lost last year and then this happened it would be a different scenario completely.

“Knowing him as the individual he is, he’s a good lad and deserved his All-Ireland, I think deep down if he had his time over again he wouldn’t be caught in this position. I say that out of respect.”

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