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Alan Brogan rubbishes idea of splitting up Dublin

Alan Brogan has strongly come out against the idea of splitting Dublin up in order to make the All-Ireland Football Championship more competitive.

There has been much debate in recent weeks about breaking up Dublin after Dessie Farrell’s men strolled into their sixth consecutive All-Ireland final with a 15-point win over Cavan.

There is understandably some firm opposition to the breaking up of the county, with former Dubs star Alan Brogan telling Off The Ball that the decision should not be made by anyone but Dublin themselves.

“For us as a family, it was always about representing Dublin as a county, not representing just the north or the southside. We were representing Dublin first and foremost.

“Pat Gilroy, ‘Pillar’ before him and Jim Gavin certainly would always speak about the team of the 1970s and us standing on the shoulders of giants.

“How dare someone suggest splitting Dublin up and taking that identity, that history and that culture away from us.

“If a decision is ever to be made about splitting Dublin, it has to be made in Dublin not anywhere else or in Croke Park,” Brogan said.

‘It’s not going to change overnight’

The three-time All-Ireland winner believes it is up to other county boards to raise their teams to Dublin’s standards and that money alone is not responsible for his former side’s dominance.

“All splitting Dublin is going to do is make it a bit easier for the likes of Kerry, Mayo and Tyrone. It’s not going to bring any other counties up a level.

“In terms of the finances, it’s not Dublin’s fault that they have done a very good job with putting a pathway in place for players to come through. It’s now about trying to implement that in other counties.

“No matter how much money you throw at this or what you do, it’s not going to change overnight. It’s probably a ten year project where you pick a few counties and make big investments and see if the blueprint works,” Brogan commented.

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