Davy Fitzgerald compared to Jose Mourinho ahead of Clare clash

Davy Fitzgerald

All eyes will be on the Semple Stadium sidelines on Saturday afternoon.

The ongoing rift between Davy Fitzgerald and Brian Lohan is well-documented and the former Clare teammates haven’t been on speaking terms for some time.

Fitzgerald and Lohan will come up against one another again this weekend in a tantalising All-Ireland SHC qualifier between Wexford and Clare.

If there wasn’t already enough bite from the rivalry between Fitzgerald and Lohan, an added narrative exists regarding the Covid controversy that surrounded the sides’ league meeting earlier this year.

Ahead of this weekend’s clash, former Cork goalkeeper Anthony Nash contrasted the personalities of Lohan and Fitzgerald, comparing the latter to current Roma boss Jose Mourinho.

“We would have had Jimmy Barry-Murphy back in 2013 when we first came across Davy Fitz in an All-Ireland final. Even then, Davy was trying to get more of the focus on himself than on the players. It does help, absolutely. He takes the pressure off them, like Jose Mourinho tries to do at times, take the focus off the players and back on himself,” Nash said on Inside The Game.

Davy Fitzgerald compared to Jose Mourinho

“But we were lucky in 2013, we had Jimmy who, similar to Brian Lohan, wouldn’t have been into all the media stuff and reading about himself in the press or anything like that.

“The one thing that will be interesting on Saturday, the ‘manager cam’ will be needed on the sideline between the two lads. There’s going to be a bit of argy-bargy on the sideline as much as on the field.

“It is a side distraction. The players themselves won’t worry about it. The managers on the sideline might have something to say to each other, especially after all the close contacts and that stuff going on through the league.

“It does add that bit of spice to this fixture, and it’s just what the public want. Fair play to the guy that drew the two balls out together!”

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