Tomas Ó Sé responds to backlash after David Clifford claim

tomas o se clifford

“He is the best in the business at the moment.”

Tomas Ó Sé has responded on social media after there was a backlash from his David Clifford claim that the Kerry forward was “the best in the business”.

Ó Sé was speaking after Clifford scored an incredible hat-trick, including a ‘soccer dummy’ finish for his third.

Tomas Ó Sé on David Clifford.

The five-time All-Star responded on Twitter after a number of viewers picked up on his comments about Clifford during Allianz League Sunday.

“Getting a lot of friendly digs about what I said about D Clifford,” Ó Sé tweeted.

“I saw M Murphy, P Donaghy and C Costelloe giving brilliant performances… Daniel Walsh from Clare on his debut from wing back hit 1-2…. who gave the performance of the weekend???”

The 2004 Footballer of the Year described Clifford as the best footballer around. Yet, many Dublin fans were not happy that the 22-year-old was deemed superior to players such as Brian Fenton, Con O’Callaghan and Ciaran Kilkenny.

“Take the fact that I’m a Kerryman out of it…he is the best in the business at the moment,” Ó Sé said on the show.

“It was embarrassing for the Galway lads but it wouldn’t have mattered who was on him, he seemed unstoppable.”

Tomas Ó Sé on the advanced mark rule.

The five-time All-Ireland winner was also not happy with the way the GAA brought in the advanced mark rule, and believes the worst is yet to come when teams start realising just how easy it will be to get a free-kick for a 20m kick-pass.

“We have marks at defence, marks at midfield, we have marks in the forwards, you’re teaching defenders that the game is not up when they get a ball,” Ó Sé said.

“I think it’s completely and totally not our game. I think it’s been slipped in under the radar, these short ones going across the field here.

“It’s shocking, with the hand up and I don’t think it’s been exploited like it can be. We’ve had Covid since it was brought in and teams have had issues organising themselves.

“I really, really feel strongly about it. I think it’s a cop-out. I think it’s a total cop-out.”

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