Stevie McDonnell hints at best way for teams to beat Dublin

stevie mcdonnell

“I think the game over the last couple of seasons has started to turn full circle again.”

Stevie McDonnell believes teams attacking more can upset Dublin this summer, arguing that negative football is a thing of the past.

Since the restart, there have been a lot of high-scoring games across Division 1, with teams focussing more on outscoring the opposition, as opposed to their defensive system.

Stevie McDonnell on attacking style of play.

The former Armagh footballer believes the game has developed positively over the last few years, with teams now more focused on getting their attack to contribute enough scores to win a game.

“I think the game over the last couple of seasons has started to turn full circle again,” McDonnell told the Donegal GAA Podcast with Paddy McGill.

“We’ve seen a more attacking impetus on teams over the last number of years, and definitely higher-scoring games. That is the way the game is going.

“Players are becoming more athletic, they are stronger and fitter and faster than they’ve ever been before.

“Whether we like to admit it or not they are skilful, if not even more skilful than what went before them, so that’s bringing the inter-county scene to levels never seen.

“When you put that all together, you expect to see better quality games and we are starting to see that coming to fruition.”

Stevie McDonnell on Kerry showing how you can beat Dublin.

The 2002 All-Ireland winner watched Kerry’s second half comeback against Dublin and feels the Kingdom provided a template for other counties to potentially upset the Dubs later this summer.

The three-time All-Star argued that even the seven-in-a-row seeking champions can be exposed at the back, if teams go out and attack them.

“We all thought Kerry were done and dusted but they had a resurgent second half and even the best of them can be vulnerable when teams go at them,” McDonnell added.

“If anyone can take a leaf out of Kerry’s book, go at teams and believe in themselves, we’re in for an exciting year.”

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