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Pat Spillane picks a ‘Rest of Ireland XV’ to beat Dublin

pat spillane

“I’m willing to come out of retirement and manage this squad with a bit of help from my mentor Mick O’Dwyer.”

Pat Spillane has picked his starting 15 and management team from the rest of Ireland to take on and, ultimately, beat Dublin.

Spillane tried to assemble a team that could potentially to put an end to the dominance of Dessie Farrell’s Dublin team.

pat spillane

Pat Spillane’s rest of Ireland XV.

“Then I had a light-bulb moment,” Spillane wrote in the Sunday World.

“The answer was staring back at me from the TV every day of the week.

“In the 21st century, sport is dominated by teams bankrolled by either ultra-wealthy individuals or corporations. Just think about it.

“In horse racing, it is the Sheiks and Coolmore Stud, Mercedes Benz and Ferrari are the big players in F1, while US and Arab-based billionaires finance many of the big soccer clubs in Europe and the UK.

“So, the best way to beat the Dubs is for a very wealthy benefactor to assemble the best GAA players in the country and get them to play for one county.

pat spillane

Spillane’s Rest of Ireland XV.

Spillane’s team features three Mayo players, two from Kerry, four from Donegal, three from Tyrone and one apiece from Cork, Galway and Meath.

  1. Niall Morgan (Tyrone)
  2. Oisín Mullin (Mayo)
  3. Paddy Durcan (Mayo)
  4. Eoghan Ban Gallagher (Donegal)
  5. Eoghan McLaughlin (Mayo)
  6. Donal Keogan (Meath)
  7. Gavin White (Kerry)
  8. Ian Maguire (Cork)
  9. Odhrán McNiallais (Donegal)
  10. Shane Walsh (Galway)
  11. Conor McKenna (Tyrone)
  12. Mattie Donnelly (Tyrone)
  13. Paddy McBrearty (Donegal)
  14. Michael Murphy (Donegal)
  15. David Clifford (Kerry)

rest of ireland xv

Management team.

Regarding a management team to look after this team of county stars that will take on Dublin, Spillane is happy to come out of retirement with Mick O’Dwyer as his mentor.

“I’m willing to come out of retirement and manage this squad with a bit of help from my mentor Mick O’Dwyer,” Spillane continued.

“I’d guarantee my benefactor that I would deliver an All-Ireland quickly.”

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