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Oisin McConville names the three toughest GAA players he came up against

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“The windscreen shattered.”

Oisin McConville has named the toughest GAA players he came up against in his career, and recalled a hilarious story of former Cork defender Noel O’Leary driving to Cork with no windscreen on his car.

Graham Geragthy was a special guest on BBC’s ‘The GAA Social’ with McConville and Thomas Niblick asking the questions.

Noel O'Leary mcconville

Graham Geraghty names the three toughest defenders he has come up against.

O’Leary came up in conversation when the former Meath footballer was asked to name the three toughest defenders he came up against during his inter-county career.

The two-time All-Ireland winner picked Dublin’s Paul Curran at number one and former Mayo manager Pat Holmes at three.

But, it was his number two pick was Cork’s O’Leary and that got the panel talking.

“Let’s put it this way, if you didn’t come off without a few bruises on you, you weren’t in a game,” Geraghty said on ‘The GAA Social‘.

“You’d meet him off the field and he’s so quiet. He was tough, the physicality, and he could play ball as well. He just gets in the zone. He doesn’t even say hello to you.”

Oisin McConville’s Noel O’Leary windscreen story.

The former Armagh forward recalled a story where the former Cork defender was driving down to training from Dublin.

“Noel O’Leary, he was working in Dublin. He was picking two boys up for training,” McConville said.

“They were on the Naas dual carriageway and a stone came up from a lorry in front, hit the windscreen and the windscreen shattered.

“He stopped the car on the side of the road, pushed the windscreen out while pulled over on the side of the road.

Noel O'Leary windscreen

“The two boys were in the car, and he drove to Cork with no windscreen. The two boys were lying down in the back of the car.

“That’s the sort of boy he was. He marked me a couple of times. He was a tough bit of stuff.”

McConville named Kerry’s Seamus Moynihan as his toughest opponent, followed by Derry’s Sean Marty Lockhart and Tyrone defender Conor Gormley.

Geraghty joined The GAA Social to give his first interview since he almost died late last year from a brain haemorrhage and aneurysm.

The full chat is available here.

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