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Monaghan manager Seamus McEnaney slams government for GAA ban

seamus mcenaney

“It’s fair to say that we are being steered away from how the GAA was viewed last September and October. My question is, what has changed?”

Monaghan manager Seamus McEnaney is not happy with the decision to ban GAA activity, asking “what has changed?” since last year.

McEnaney joined a number of managers, including Andy McEntee, in publicly commenting on the decision to extend the ban on GAA activity to after Easter, at the earliest.

seamus mcenaney

Seamus McEnaney

The former Meath manager slammed the government for extending the ban and has asked for the rationale behind the decision.

“It’s very frustrating and I don’t understand it,” McEnaney told The Sun.

“It’s fair to say that we are being steered away from how the GAA was viewed last September and October. My question is, what has changed?

“We were ‘elite’ last year, as in we could train last October and November. Now when it looks like numbers are going to drop again shortly, we are not elite.

“We are only talking about a small number of people as a whole in senior inter-county teams who could give enjoyment to over a million people in the spring time with games on TV.

“The GAA community has been absolutely brilliant for the country. There’s so much uncertainty and it’s just very frustrating.

“In my heart I would hope the leagues will still happen, but it’s very hard to judge.

gaa return

2021 season

Banty fears that the entire inter-county season could be in jeopardy due to this decision.

“Is the entire season now in trouble if we can’t train under Level  5? Is it possible we don’t get out of Level  5 until August? It’s very hard to know,” McEnaney continued.

“Listen, the biggest disappointment would be the lack of clarity, the lack of certainty and I don’t know how we have arrived at this.”

monaghan gaa

McEnaney had big plans for 2021, including the arrival of former Dundalk goalkeeper Gary Rogers who has joined the Monaghan backroom team, alongside former Kerry player and coach Donie Buckley.

“I always want the best team around me, I needed to beef up my management team,” McEnaney said.

“Donie is one of the best football coaches in the country.

“I just went after him — it took me quite some time to get all the parts of that jigsaw together but I was delighted to get him on board after all of that was put in place.

“But it’s very frustrating because I can’t get him out on the pitch where he is at his best.”

With widespread speculation of a ‘club-first’ approach from the GAA, similar to last year, it will be interesting to see if there are any more announcements from the GAA regarding the 2021 calendar.

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