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Michael Duignan: €1m difference in 2020 funding between Offaly and Dublin hard to justify

michael duignan

“In just those two headings alone, that’s €1m worth of difference which I think is very hard to justify.”

Offaly GAA chairman Michael Duignan has spoken passionately at GAA Congress about the inequality in 2020 funding between his county and Dublin.

Duignan made his comments at the GAA’s first ‘virtual’ Congress after the organisation’s financial report was read out.

duignan dublin funding

Michael Duignan

“Going forward we’ve seen the changes that have been made in the GAA in terms of the split season that’s been forced through due to the global pandemic,” Duignan told the annual Congress.

“One thing I would urge going forward – we look at the equalisation of our funding model.

“It’s just very important in terms of smaller counties – the challenges we already have in terms of population etc. that we can do nothing about.”

duignan dublin funding

Dublin funding

The former Offaly hurler then made the comparison between a couple of the figures mentioned in the financial report.

“We do need more support and more funding. Even in a difficult year just looking at some of the headline figures in the financial report,” Duignan continued.

“In terms of team and player expenses, we received €96,000 in Offaly, Dublin received €388,000. We received €56,000 in operating grants, Dublin received €745,000.

duignan dublin funding

“In just those two headings alone, that’s €1m worth of difference which I think is very hard to justify.

“We’ve had a limited season, limited travel. Players only training twice a week.

“I actually don’t know how one county could have €300,000 more in terms of player expenses than another county – not withstanding that obviously they had a longer season.”

duignan gaa congress

Not ‘anti-Dublin’

The two-time All-Ireland winner with Offaly was keen to stress that his comments were not “anti-Dublin” but they do come at a time when his county’s ability to survive is under threat if the current situation continues.

“Our ability to survive, never mind compete at the highest level is based on an urgent equalisation of funding,” Duignan added.

“I think a targeted approach to the distribution of funding is very, very important.

duignan dublin funding

“This is not an anti-Dublin statement. I have huge regard for this Dublin team but I just think this whole discussion has been – I won’t say swept under the carpet but – I think times have changed.

“Dublin received support when they needed it, I think other counties need it now.

“I look forward to when we’re back on our feet to continue this discussion with yourselves.”

With no requirement to reply to the comments, GAA President John Horan thanked Duignan for his contribution.

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