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Kevin Walsh says that Dublin’s Croke Park advantage is ‘scandalous’

kevin walsh dublin

“It is a complete lack of fairness that has to be factored into their status as a six-in-a-row team.”

Former Galway Gaelic football manager Kevin Walsh thinks that Dublin’s Croke Park advantage is “scandalous” and gives them a massive advantage in the latter stages of the championship.

Walsh believes that the system that allows Dublin to play the majority of their championship games in Croke Park must be addressed.

kevin walsh dublin

Kevin Walsh Croke Park.

Walsh was writing in his new autobiography ‘The Invisible Game’ which was quoted by The Sun ahead of its release on Mar 1.

“The skewed system that gives Dublin the huge advantage of playing all their games in Croke Park is an issue that needs to be dealt with,” Walsh said.

“It beggars belief that you would hand such an advantage to a team in the marquee competition.

“I would categorise it as a six- to eight-point advantage.”

dublin croke park

The former Sligo manager says the GAA is owned by all counties and should not be used as a home venue by Dublin.

“Croke Park is the national stadium for all counties, paid for by the members in a variety of ways and by taxpayers of the country through State funding,” Walsh continued.

“It is scandalous that it is used to give one county a massive advantage.

“Dublin have so many spectators. We see the amount of sponsorship and revenue they can generate.

“For all their good planning, are you telling me that they could not build a 30,000-seater stadium like Galway, Mayo, Limerick and countless other counties?

“They didn’t do it because they knew they wouldn’t have to.

“It is a complete lack of fairness that has to be factored into their status as a six-in-a-row team.”

kevin walsh dublin

All-Ireland semi-finals.

The 51-year-old wants to see the All-Ireland semi-finals moved out of Croke Park in order to take some of Dublin’s advantage away from them.

Walsh managed Galway in 2018 when they were well beaten in their semi-final against the Dubs in Croke Park.

“I acknowledge that the final will always be in Croke Park, but if Dublin didn’t play as often there, the advantage could be reduced to some extent,” Walsh added.

“If the GAA cares about equality, it is something they will look at.”

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