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Kevin McStay says it was ‘shocking’ the way he was overlooked for Mayo job

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“It was a very difficult time for me personally.”

Kevin McStay has branded the way he was overlooked for the Mayo job ahead of the 2015 season as “shocking” and admits he is still hurt by the county board’s decision.

McStay was interviewed for the job after James Horan left the role following Mayo’s heartbreaking All-Ireland semi-final replay defeat to Kerry in Limerick in 2014.

kevin mcstay

McStay on Mayo job.

The former Mayo player was the only name publicly going for the job at the time, and he was seen as the top candidate due to his success with guiding St. Brigid’s of Roscommon to All-Ireland club victory the year before.

However, McStay revealed he was under the impression that the interview was a formality and he was going to be offered the job regardless of how it went.

“The interview I did, perhaps, I might have been too honest at it,” McStay told Off The Ball.


“When I say the interview, it wasn’t really an interview because I had the job because I was the only candidate.

“Yet 24 hours after that interview, one or two friends of mine in Mayo were able to tell me ‘you are not going to get the job’.

“That there are other people who are in the race but not saying it. That was very disappointing for me.

“People I knew, that I had played with, was on panels with, were saying publicly that they had no interest in the job and were actually talking about the position while I thought in my head that I was actually crossing Ts and dotting Is.”

kevin mcstay

Budget excuse.

The Sunday Game pundit and commentator was not happy with how the Mayo county board acted and felt they used his budget as an excuse not to give him the job.

“They used a very easy excuse that the budget that we were discussing was off the Richter scale,” McStay added.

“All these things are added to and multiplied, but the bottom line is I didn’t get the job, and the way it was handled was shocking.”

“I did feel very sore about that for a long time, but thankfully Roscommon gave me a magnificent chance to challenge myself at this level and I will be forever grateful for that.

“When you are rejected by your own people it is not very nice. It was very public, it hung around like a bad smell. It really was a hard time. I never lost my love for Mayo football.”

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