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Joe Brolly: Outside managers not the way forward for counties

joe brollly colm o'rourke

“You think Rory Gallagher gives a f**k about Derry or Jack O’Connor Kildare?”

Joe Brolly has always been forthright in his views.

In recent weeks, he hit back at Colm O’Rourke’s ‘split Dublin’ proposal before blaming ‘celebrity culture’ for Mayo’s All-Ireland final defeat to Dublin.

joe brolly

Joe Brolly article.

Brolly took to Twitter on Sunday to respond to his own Irish Independent article. In his piece, he discussed the culture taken to win All-Irelands. He also included an anecdote on how Diarmuid Connolly left the Dublin panel in 2010.

Brolly vented his frustration at counties, like Derry, paying massive amounts of money to outside managers.

The barrister used two high profile outside managers, Rory Gallagher and Jack O’Connor, to illustrate his point.

He tweeted: “Majority of counties (including my own) have swapped traditions & great culture for a professional outside manager. You think Rory Gallagher gives a f**k about Derry or Jack O’Connor Kildare?

“Huge amounts of money wasted. Meanwhile, Dublin approach is participation & good values.”

joe brolly colm o'rourke

Joe Brolly Derry.

The former Sunday Game analyst got into detail about his own county’s investment over recent years.

He said: “Derry National League final v Dublin 2014. Paddy Tally (Tyrone) turned us into a blanket defensive team. Within 4 years we’re in Div 4 & everyone had lost faith.

“Board now belatedly focussing on grassroots & participation. As Kilkenny Kerry Dubs Tyrone show this is the only way.”

brolly rory gallagher

The former All-Ireland winner with Derry believes his county wasted vast amounts of money chasing senior success. He feels this money should have been put into coaching and increasing Gaelic games participation in the county.

“Coaching, club games, participation were totally neglected in a kamikaze craze to win an Ulster senior championship. Huge amounts of money wasted on this. Top down doesn’t work.”

Joe Brolly Rory Gallagher.

Brolly has long since been a critic of Rory Gallagher’s appointment as Derry manager.

When asked At The Throw-In Live GAA podcast last year what he thought of the appointment, he said: “Derry have a Tyrone Director of Football, Brian McIver. This is true.

“Our Under 17s this year were managed by a Donegal man. Our Under 20s were managed by a Tyrone man. And I said this four or five years ago, that there was a Tyrone conspiracy to destroy Derry gaelic football for a generation.”

Brolly was not happy Johnny McBride, a Derry man, didn’t get the chance to even apply for the job.

He said: “Johnny McBride a proud son of Derry who won an All-Ireland minor title with Derry and an All-Ireland under 21. A fantastic fella.

“He went for the job, a great clubman around Derry. He was told ‘nah there was no point in applying for it’ because of Rory Gallagher.”

joe brolly

Brolly then hit out at Gallagher’s defensive style of play.

He stated: “Rory Gallagher, I mean what the f**k? I mean, seriously. Pass it back, pass it back, pass it back, pass it back. Get it back to the keeper. Oh Jesus, don’t kick it, don’t kick it, don’t kick it, don’t f**king kick it.”

He then infamously remarked: “The only good thing I can say about Rory Gallagher…is he forced Arlene Foster to sit through a f**king Ulster final.”

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