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Joe Brolly on his new championship proposal which includes amalgamating counties

Joe Brolly GAA

Joe Brolly has given his proposal for Championship reform.

Joe Brolly took to Twitter to respond to his former RTÉ work colleague, Colm O’Rourke’s suggestion of splitting Dublin into three or four.

When asked whether splitting would be an easier option, Brolly was strongly against it.

Colm O’Rourke demands that Dublin are split into ‘three or four’

“What’s the plan beyond that? For the 28 counties with no hope? The solution needs to be logical and holistic, not on the basis of Meath men annoyed at being battered by the Dubs.

“Splitting Dublin not a solution as it does nothing for Leitrim or Antrim or Carlow.

“Putting €10M into Leitrim would make zero difference. Provincial councils must become resources for ensuring good practice & practical help. The key is equality of opportunity and competition.”

Joe Brolly’s proposal.

Brolly suggested that amalgamating counties is a possible solution. He believes that this would give supporters more competitive Championship games.

“One possibility is to create the equivalent of divisional teams. Amalgamate counties into eight divisional regions. We already have the super 8s. This way they would indeed be super. The new system would be highly competitive & give everyone a chance. An annual festival of football.”

Joe then used the Kerry Club Championship as an example of how this is working already, albeit on a smaller scale.

The likes of David Clifford are part of an East Kerry team which is a Divisional side made up of 13 Gaelic football clubs. They compete in the same championship as the likes of Dr. Crokes and Austin Stacks in order to make the county championship more competitive.

“In Kerry, for example, where the amalgamation of small clubs is now part of their culture, allowing players like David Clifford or Paul Murphy to play at the highest level & win championships, divisional teams work brilliantly & create a culture of excellence & equality.”

Brolly on the Provincial Championships.

The former RTÉ analyst wants to retain the inter-county game at a provincial level. Following that, the best county players would go on to represent their region in a Super 8s style format.

“The provincial championships could be retained & take the place of the league. The best county players would be chosen for the regional teams. The super 8s would be a high-class festival of football. A good Leitrim player would spend his summer in Croke Park not bartending in NYC.”

The Derry man finished with a stark warning to the GAA if they sit back and do nothing.

“This is supposed to be our premier competition. The @officialgaa has stood by watching as it has fallen completely into disrepute. Unless there is radical restructuring no one will watch and it will fall apart, a process that is already well underway.”

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