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Ger Loughnane backs cynical foul motion saying ‘goals are drying up’

ger loughnane

“Goals are drying up… and hurling is associated with goals.”

Ger Loughnane has given his backing to the GAA Congress motion to award a penalty for cynical fouls inside the 20 metre line.

Loughnane was speaking ahead of tomorrow’s Congress where Motion 20 looks likely to be debated – despite the GPA writing to the GAA requesting a delay.

ger loughnane

Ger Loughnane hurling sin-bin.

The former Sunday Game analyst feels that any change in hurling always brings about a great discussion.

“Any change in the GAA, particularly in hurling, brings great controversy and great discussion,” Loughnane told Community Radio Kilkenny City.

“You remember the Anthony Nash penalty, and we all thought the solution was very simple and the GAA came with the proper solution at the end of the day.

loughnane hurling sin-bin

“Tactics are such a huge part of hurling nowadays, and with tactics comes the exploitation of every rule if you can.

“We see people are exploiting the rules that are there – and rightly so, why wouldn’t they? – and pushing them to the very, very limit.

“That was always part of hurling.”

ger loughnane

‘Goals drying up’

Regarding the cynical fouling, the former Galway manager believes goals are now drying up in hurling and something as drastic as Motion 20 should be welcomed.

“The cynical tackle, this bringing down the player when a goal threatens, I think everybody realises now that has to be stopped,” Loughnane added.

“Goals are drying up, number one, and hurling is associated with goals and great goals that energise the crowd.

loughnane hurling sin-bin

“I think the solution is very, very simple: if it’s inside the 21 they’re going to give a penalty and give the person a black card.

“I’m in favour of the black card rather than the sin-bin… inside the 21 or within the semi-circle, if a goal threatens within that area it should be a penalty and give the person a black card.

“I don’t think it needs much more beyond that.”

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