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Diarmuid Connolly: ‘I stood up and started clapping’ in front of Mayo fans

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“Every time Dublin scored there’d be a ‘boo’ but it was a good bit of banter.”

Diarmuid Connolly has revealed he watched last year’s All-Ireland final in a room full of Mayo supporters.

The former Dublin footballer retired from the inter-county set-up a couple of months previous so he was unable to attend the game due to the final taking place behind closed doors.

diarmuid connolly

Diarmuid Connolly.

Connolly said he didn’t find watching Dublin strange that first year and that he had made his “peace with” retiring.

“I remember the first game that I wasn’t involved with and I was watching it here at home and it wasn’t strange at all, it was weird,” Connolly told the Am Seo podcast that he co-hosts with Jonathan Courtney.

“I was chatting to a couple of my mates afterwards and they were asking me the same question and it didn’t feel because I made my peace with it.”

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The St. Vincent’s man went out to watch the All-Ireland final and didn’t realise until he sat down that he was in a room “full of Mayo fans”.

“I have a story from that day, I was in there first and the girls came down and we ordered a bit of food and the match started and I hadn’t looked around,” Connolly continued.

“We were facing the screen and we were right in front of it and I turned around and the whole room was full of Mayo fans and I was like ‘here we go’.

“A couple of them recognised me after a while and every time Dublin scored there’d be a ‘boo’ but it was a good bit of banter.”

Dublin All-Ireland.

Dublin went on to win the game – claiming their eighth All-Ireland in ten years in the process – meaning the 33-year-old would have the last laugh.

“It was tit for tat for ages and Dublin kind of pulled away and right at the end of the game the final whistle blew and there was all just a big ‘boo’,” he added.

“I could hear a couple of them chanting my name down in the back corner so I just stood up on my own and started clapping.

diarmuid connolly

“I gave it a good slow clap and Leanne (Connolly’s partner) was pulling me back down into the seat.”

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