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Davy Fitzgerald hits out at media for ‘making so much’ out of close contacts row

davy fitzgerald

“The fact that you make so much out of it is pretty unreal.”

Davy Fitzgerald has hit out at the media for “making so much” out of the close contacts row, which saw two Clare players miss a game.

The two players were named as a close contact of a confirmed positive Covid-19 case on the Wexford team after a Allianz Hurling League match.

wexford hurling

Davy Fitzgerald on media’s role in close contacts row.

The Wexford hurling manager was asked once again about the row that has arisen between Wexford and Clare since the incident.

“The fact that you make so much out of it is pretty unreal,” Fitzgerald told RTÉ’s Sunday Sport after his side’s defeat to Kilkenny.

“I suppose you have to do your job but I’m a hurling man and I love the game and we’ll do our best at Wexford. I think the HSE have answered their things and that’s important.

“I think from your side of view you’ve got to stop. We need to get back to hurling and everyone does.

“That’s all we’re interested in doing.”

Anthony Daly on Wexford and Clare close contacts row.

Former Clare player Anthony Daly spoke about the incident on Sunday night’s Allianz League Sunday.

“There’s a huge cloud over the whole thing Joanne [Cantwell] but the two people that shouldn’t be under any cloud are the two people that were named,” Daly said.

“Somebody somewhere knows the truth and we’re not getting the truth, maybe we’ll never get the whole truth.

“So we might just have to move on, get on with it but I think there’s a lesson to be learned overall for the GAA.

kilkenny wexford

“They must look at it overall because, as Derek [McGrath] says, I know in Clare there’s groups of four in the county championships, who’s to say if it comes down to a final game, if there was a case, I’m not saying people would do that [name opposition players as close contacts].

“I’d be surprised if people did that and I’d actually be surprised if the Wexford players named Clare players because there’s great honour with those inter-county players among themselves.

“I’m just disappointed with the whole thing to be honest Joanne and I just feel so sorry for those two guys,” Daly added.

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