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Former Tipperary star Shane McGrath on why he’s been impressed with Cork

“They have the pace, they have the hurlers, they can take teams on and they can score goals.”

Former Tipperary hurler Shane McGrath says he was impressed with Cork’s league performances and is optimistic about the county’s chances in this year’s championship.

The 2010 All-Ireland winner remarked how Kieran Kingston’s side would need to score goals if they are going to overturn Limerick in the Munster championship semi-final.

Speaking to the Irish Times, McGrath suggested Cork’s new style of playing out of defence could stand to them in the championship.

Shane McGrath

Shane McGrath won one All-Ireland and five Munster championships with Tipperary.

“Performance wise, Cork were good in the league. They did well against Waterford, they did well against Tipp and should have closed it out, they messed about against Limerick and it was worse than a challenge match and they were okay against Galway,” the former Tipperary midfielder said.

“They obviously see their strength as being their hurling and I think that’s good for them.

“Step back from their set-up and ask can they compete man for man for long puck-outs. No, they can’t, not throughout a game.

“Séamus Harnedy and Shane Kingston might be able to do it but they’ll be in and out. So they will be working it through the lines.

Shane McGrath

“And it has worked for them so far. They’ve scored 18 goals in the league. It was 11 last year, four the year before. They have the pace, they have the hurlers, they can take teams on and they can score goals.

“There’s no way they can beat Limerick without scoring goals. They will have to score something like 3-20 to beat them. I think there’s far more chance of them doing that than scoring 32 points. Far more chance.”

Cork hoping to end 16-year All-Ireland drought.

Cork finished the league with two wins, two defeats and a draw across five matches. The Rebel county have not won an All-Ireland championship since 2005.

It was McGrath’s native county Tipperary who knocked Cork out of the 2020 championship.


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