Galway hurler Shane Cooney names two of the toughest forwards to mark

Shane Cooney reveals two of the best forwards he has faced.

Galway hurler Shane Cooney plays in the half-back line and full-back line. He lines out for St. Thomas’s who have dominated Galway club hurling in recent times.

Cooney named two opponents he has found particularly hard to handle when asked who was the toughest forward he has ever marked.

Tom Morrissey and Dessie Hutchinson are two of the best forwards in Ireland.

“Taking our latest game against Waterford, Dessie Hutchinson is in great form at the moment. He’s a tricky player to mark. You can learn stuff from different players as well,” Cooney said.

“Just take Tom Morrissey, he covers a lot of ground and you just have to learn how to mark that sort of player as opposed to marking a Dessie Hutchinson, who could be more explosive. Those guys are definitely up there.

Shane Cooney won an All-Ireland club title with St. Thomas’s in 2013.

Cooney is versatile and can play in any position across the defence. He explained some of the differences between playing in the full-back line and half-back line.

“In the full-back line, the ball is probably hitting grass in front of you more so. It is more difficult to read the game,” he said.

“In the half-back line, you’re trying to read where the ball is coming from at any given point and more-so trying to get on a break or win an aerial ball.

“Whereas in the full-back line you’re just tracking your man and making sure that he’s not getting the ball in his hand. Definitely a different challenge but one I enjoy for sure.”

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