Paul Galvin accuses Davy Fitzgerald of interfering with his management in Wexford

Paul Galvin resigned as Wexford football manager in September 2020.

Former Wexford Gaelic football manager Paul Galvin has accused Davy Fitzgerald of trying to interfere with his operation when he was in charge of the county’s football team.

Speaking to Paul Rouse on the Irish Examiner GAA podcast, Galvin talked about his experiences in Wexford.

Galvin left his role with Wexford last September, citing work and personal reasons affected by Covid-19 and the restrictions that were in place at the time.

“I had no difficulties dealing with the hurling manager until such a time as he just started to interfere a little bit with my operation to be quite honest,” Galvin said.

“Davy wanted the training ground to himself. He wanted Ferns to himself down there. He certainly let it be known pretty early that we weren’t welcome in Ferns. Some of the things he did made it clear to me that we weren’t welcome in Ferns basically. That was my take on the situation.

“I didn’t mind a bit of chicanery,” Galvin continued.

“There was a bit of chicanery going on. I released a few players, he brought them into the hurling squad at the same training ground, dressing rooms, pitches, car park, corridor, same training nights. I felt that was a bit of a statement.

“I took it on the chin because he’s around a long time and Davy’s a wily old fox and he’s gained a little bit of soft power there in the media that he uses quite cleverly. And I took it on the chin because we needed results and I just had to keep my head down, but the thing that really annoyed me about that was the fact that he kind of made a big man of himself in the media on the back of it.

“He started talking about all the respect he had for me in the media and making a kind of virtuous man of himself on the back of it but the reality was, behind the scenes that wasn’t the case at all. It was actually I felt, trying to put me in the ha’penny place a little bit and put football in the ha’penny place a little bit,” he said.

Fitzgerald has yet to respond to Galvin’s comments.

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