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Kilkenny’s Miriam Walsh would like to see player names on helmets or jerseys

“I know you have the names on the jerseys on the All-Ireland day but it probably would be nice to have them throughout the year.”

Kilkenny camogie player Miriam Walsh is pleased with the coverage her sport has received across this year’s league.

The reigning All-Ireland champions face Galway in the league final on Sunday at 7:30pm in Croke Park, with RTE set to televise the match.

A recent survey conducted by Littlewoods Ireland found that 89% of the Irish population could not name a current camogie player.

Miriam Walsh would like to see player names displayed throughout every game.

Walsh suggested having player names on jerseys or helmets would lead to more people recognising the camogie players.

“Yeah, it probably would help, names across the helmets or on the jerseys,” Walsh said.

“I know you have the names on the jerseys on the All-Ireland day but it probably would be nice to have them throughout the year.

“That’s a brilliant idea, it’s something maybe the camogie [association] could come up with.”

Miriam Walsh

League final is a repeat of last year’s All-Ireland decider.

Camogie has received more coverage on League Sunday this season and Walsh was thrilled with this development.

“It’s nice to be on the Sunday Game. Normally, we’re at the end of it but we’re kind of in the middle of it now. Loads of people from Kilkenny were saying it to me, [that] ‘Ye went well in the league.’ Normally, if it was at the end, they wouldn’t really cop it,” she said.

“It’s nice to be part of that. I still think we’re after getting that bit more recognition this year. I just think Littlewoods are after doing an amazing job, even the ads on the telly are striking.

“Even the match at 7.30 on Sunday, I think loads of people will tune into that. It’s a great time for supporters and spectators to get behind us.

“If it had to be earlier in the day, they might have been off doing something else. So hopefully, loads of people will tune into the camogie.”

Miriam Walsh

Miriam Walsh’s family are one the most successful in Ireland.

The 26-year-old Tullaroan native hails from a family that lives and breaths hurling. Her first cousin and teammate Grace Walsh is a prominent member of the Kilkenny camogie side, while Grace’s two brothers Tommy and Padraig starred for Brian Cody’s outfit.

Tommy Walsh is widely renowned as being one of the greatest hurlers ever to play the game and his cousin remarked how she used to love going to watch him play in Croke Park.

“My dad would have hurled with Kilkenny as well. He has three All Ireland medals with the junior Kilkenny teams. So look, we’re just really born into it,” the Kilkenny player said.

“And I remember going up to Croke Park when I was younger, going up to watch Tommy and he was one of the best there is on the pitch.

“Like he was amazing to watch and we were just so proud of him, and I always said to myself, “I’d I love to wear the Kilkenny jersey” and I was lucky to have my cousin Grace play alongside me.

“The whole way up we used to be marking each other in training, and then we kind of pushed one another on and we’re at the top level now. So all the battles were worth the tears and all.”

Very few families have achieved as much on the sporting field as the Walsh’s.

Littlewoods Ireland is proud to support both Camogie and Hurling for a 5th year running. The Littlewoods Ireland Camogie League final is live on RTE this Sunday the 20th June at 7.30pm while the Division 2, 3 and 4 finals will be streamed live on LWI_GAA Twitter. The All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship begins Saturday 26th of June #StyleOfPlay.

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