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Wexford’s Lee Chin suggests experience of playing other sports improved his hurling

“I’ve probably tried my hand at a lot of them and I’d like to think that I took something from each one.”

Very few Irish people have played multiple sports at a higher level than Wexford hurler Lee Chin. The 28 year-old has represented his county in hurling and Gaelic football, while he has also played soccer for Wexford Youths.

Chin featured on the RTE TV series The Toughest Trade in 2017, trying his hand at ice hockey with NHL outfit Vancouver Canucks.

The Wexford star remarked on how he has taken a lot of skills from both Gaelic football and soccer and used them to improve his hurling.

Lee Chin played hurling and Gaelic football for Wexford in 2013.

“You can take something out of each one and bring it into another. In my younger days when I played soccer, just a lot of awareness, footwork and agility – a lot of those things help when you come into the hurling world as well,” Chin said.

“In Gaelic football, the athleticism and the endurance levels – all these things can help I suppose if you’re able to congregate them into one sport. For myself, I’ve probably tried my hand at a lot of them and I’d like to think that I took something from each one.”

Lee Chin Wexford

Derek McGrath manages Chin’s club team.

Former Waterford hurling manager Derek McGrath is in charge of Chin’s club Faythe Harriers. The Wexford player explained how McGrath is trying to get the senior players involved in the club’s underage structure.

“Derek is still involved with the club. He has been unbelievable since he’s got involved. Just in terms of trying to get involved in the community sense of our club,” he said.

“We’re a town club and we know that kind of resonates a lot with Derek. He’s really, really passionate about culture in a club so he’s pretty much on a path with us at the moment that’s trying to change the culture a small bit.

“He’s doing a great job with our lads. In terms of the underage structure – not that he’s heavily involved in the underage structure, but he’s just integrating our senior lads, our adult players back into the underage structure in our club.

“He’s been brilliant since he’s been down.”

Lee Chin Wexford

Lee Chin sees similarities between Derek McGrath and Davy Fitzgerald.

Chin feels that his club manager shares a few traits with his Wexford boss Davy Fitzgerald. Both are renowned for setting a team up with an extra defender.

“They both share a similar passion and love for the game. I suppose you could argue that the similarities are that they look at the game in a different way than a lot of other people,” the Wexford hurler said.

“They probably try and play it a different way and approach it in a different manner but they do have quite different personalities at the same time.”

Lee Chin Wexford

Antrim and Wexford played out a thriller in the league.

Chin featured for Wexford in their recent drawn encounter against Antrim in Corrigan Park. What was notable about this match was the sizeable crowd present at the West Belfast venue which generated an incredible atmosphere.

The 2019 All-Star enjoyed the occasion after a long period of games with no crowd present.

“It was unbelievably enjoyable. I remember after the game – we had our backs against the wall and the last 15 or 20 minutes was just a battle,” Chin said.

“I remember after the game just realising that we were lucky to get out of here with a draw. I remember just after the game really soaking it in and thinking that it was so enjoyable just playing the match with the atmosphere.”

Chin was speaking at the launch of the Centra Community Matters campaign.

Lee Chin Wexford

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