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Limerick boss John Kiely apologises to Galway for simulation comments

“I wish to wholeheartedly retract those comments with regard to Galway and to apologise for them.”

Limerick boss John Kiely has apologised to Galway after he accused the Tribesmen of simulation during their Allianz Hurling League encounter on Sunday.

Kiely watched his side lose by six points before launching a withering assessment of Galway, saying there were “some clear examples of simulation” that were “very embarrassing”.

Kiely has, however, retracted his post-match remarks, telling the Irish Examiner that he made a mistake in criticising Galway after Sunday’s defeat.

John Kiely Galway

“I should have paid more attention to my own performance and that of the team than to the opposition,” said the two-time All-Ireland winning boss.

“At the time I was of the opinion that I had seen an incident that I wasn’t happy with. It was late in the game and very much to the forefront of my thoughts after the game.”

John Kiely and Limerick have had a healthy rivalry with Galway since 2018.

Kiely said he wished to ‘set the record straight’ after his review of video footage of the match at Pearse Stadium changed his interpretation of events.

“But over the last two days, I’ve been going through the video footage of the game and have had a very clear sight of those incidents I referred to,” added Kiely.

“The bottom line is that what I thought I had seen was absolutely not the case.

“I wish to wholeheartedly retract those comments with regard to Galway and to apologise for them. It’s important that I set the record straight now that I’m certain that what I saw was not what I believed I had seen.

“We’ve had a fantastic relationship with the Galway players and management over the last number of years. We’ve had some fantastic battles, and I’ve known their current management team, Shane O’Neill and John Fitzgerald, for a long time and have tremendous respect for them.

“I want to apologise to them for any insinuation that might have been inferred from my comments last Sunday.”

John Kiely Galway

Galway ran out 0-26 to 1-17 winners at Pearse Stadium.

Kiely added, that in focusing on what he perceived at the time to be simulation from Galway instead of his own side’s performance, he ‘fell short of the standards I set myself’.

“In the past, the Galway team and management showed tremendous grace and dignity when we’ve met them,” he said.

“They showed that in 2018 and again last year, and that was the least I owed them after they beat us on Sunday.

“They were far better than us on the day last Sunday in every facet of the game and fully deserved their victory, and I should have dwelt on that aspect of the game afterwards, instead of focusing on what I felt was simulation. In doing so I fell far short of the standards I set myself.”

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