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Support for John Connellan’s Dublin GAA funding motion

John Connellan’s Dublin funding proposal gathering support.

Former Westmeath footballer John Connellan has been a long-time critic of the Dublin GAA funding system. He is hoping to have a motion on the issue debated and voted on at the 2022 GAA congress.

Connellan stills plays club football with Athlone and he told the Irish Daily Mirror how support for his proposal has been excellent, after feedback from clubs and county boards.

John Connellan

John Connellan praises clubs and county boards for their backing.

“Since we wrote to every club and county board in early January for support for our motion – which will provide a fair level of funding to counties outside of Dublin – we have received incredible support,” Connellan said.

“Clubs up and down the country have debated this motion at their club executive meetings and AGMs, and it has stoked up strong feelings of unfairness, mainly about the disproportionate funding that Dublin has been given.

“We also have had county boards in contact, in full support of the motion, and they are happy that their clubs are stepping up in bringing the debate to their county conventions. We expect that further clubs and counties will be in contact to also debate our motion.”

John Connellan

Connellan remarked how some capital clubs take in half a million in annual membership.

Connellan feels one of the main reasons why Dublin no longer needs additional funding is that some of their clubs are taking in huge membership fees. He mentions how some clubs receive over €500,000 in membership on an annual basis.

“Dublin GAA County Board and many of its clubs are now, quite clearly, self-sufficient, with no need for this additional funding from Croke Park.

“In recently published accounts for Dublin county board before Covid, they had returned a surplus of €2.7 million, and some of their clubs are regularly taking in membership incomes in excess of €500,000,” he said.

Dublin have won 15 of the past 16 Leinster Championships along with seven of the last eight All-Irelands. The Dublin Ladies footballers have won four successive All-Irelands.

John Connellan


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