Joe Brolly compares David Clifford to Diego Maradona and Michael Jordan

Brolly is full of praise for “sporting miracle” Clifford.

Joe Brolly is a big fan of David Clifford and has continuously praised him for the past few seasons. In his Sunday Independent column, Brolly compared the Kerry Gaelic footballers to sporting legends Diego Maradona and Michael Jordan.

Brolly also stated that Clifford “holds the key” to toppling Dublin and ending their dominance.

Joe Brolly compares David Clifford to sporting legends.

“The problem with David Clifford is that everything else is an anti-climax. This is Maradona on a soccer pitch. Or Jordan on a basketball court,” Brolly wrote.

“We are witnessing a sporting miracle. We watched him against Galway last weekend. We giggled and shook our heads and clapped our hands as he scored 3-6 before being substituted in the 51st minute. Imagine if they had left him on for the whole game. Then we turned over to Tyrone versus Donegal and thought: What is this supposed to be? Why are they so boring.

“Clifford makes great defenders look like pub league defenders. Grown men look down. We are reminded of our own inadequacies. I have a pair of All Star awards. I am thinking of handing them back. Was I a footballer at all?”

Joe Brolly: David Clifford can be the one to topple Dublin.

Brolly went on to write that Kerry don’t need to complicate their plan to beat Dublin on Sunday. He believes that getting one over Dessie Farrell’s side will be as simple as building the tactics around Clifford.

“Dublin have been perfecting heavy metal football for several years. They tweaked it after the Jimmy McGuinness blip in 2013, leaving it future proof. Jimmy wrote a column in 2018 where he said the only way to beat the current Dublin team is to “adopt five simultaneous game plans.” One hopes the Dundalk players will not be as bewildered as readers of that column.

“There is, however, a less complicated way of beating them. Build the game plan around David Clifford. And keep him on for the full 70 minutes,” Brolly said.

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