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Five teams most likely to win the All-Ireland Gaelic football championship

Five most likely All-Ireland Gaelic football winners ranked.

We have ranked the five Gaelic football teams most likely to win the 2021 All-Ireland championship. Let us know your thoughts on these ratings.

5. Derry.

This will shock an awful lot of readers but this Derry Gaelic football team is very good. They have one of the best defenders in Ireland in Christopher McKaigue, one of the best midfielders in Conor Glass, and one of the best forwards in Shane McGuigan.

Rory Gallagher is also a very capable manager and Derry have done very well at underage level winning the 2018 Ulster u-20 championship and reaching the 2017 All-Ireland minor final.

Derry have also beaten Dublin as recently as 2014 and neither Mayo or Galway have beaten this Dublin side since 2012.

Derry also has an exceptional club scene that rivals most counties.

The main factor going against the Oak Leaf county is the difficulty of the draw. However, Derry have players to rival almost every side and Gallagher’s group will be very hard to beat.

4. Donegal.

Donegal look the part when they click. Declan Bonner’s group are capable of playing some very good football on their day.

However, the 2012 All-Ireland champions are prone to a meltdown and complete systems failure as was illustrated against Cavan in the 2020 Ulster final.

Donegal have not beaten Kerry or Dublin in the championship or league since 2014.

The 2019 Ulster champions will likely have to beat both of those sides to win the All-Ireland. Donegal have it in them to produce a shock result for definite and won’t fear any side.

All-Ireland football

3. Tyrone.

Tyrone have talented players within their ranks. The 2008 All-Ireland champions have a near-flawless record against the weaker, developing counties in championship football.

Tyrone’s issue is that they haven’t beaten Dublin, Kerry or Mayo in a knock-out clash since 2008, in league or championship.

The 2018 All-Ireland finalists have a tricky draw facing reigning Ulster champions Cavan in the quarter-final.

Fergal Logan and Brian Dooher replaced long-serving manager Mickey Harte ahead of the 2021 season. Tyrone are definitely as good as any team in their province, but a potential All-Ireland semi-final clash with Kerry might be a step too far.

The Red Hands are good enough to beat any team in the country on their day and possess some excellent players such as Paul Donaghy, Mattie Donnelly, Cathal McShane, Darren McCurry and Conor McKenna to name a few.

It is a well-balanced team that won’t roll over easily against any opposition.

All-Ireland football

2. Dublin.

Dublin are going for their seventh successive All-Ireland title. It seems ludicrous to not have them as the most likely winner considering they are almost certain to reach the final.

However, no team lasts forever and Dublin had a very easy path to the 2020 All-Ireland title, as Dessie Farrell’s side did not beat any of the other four teams in these rankings.

Mayo put it up to them for large parts of the final, but the absence of Cillian O’Connor will be fatal to the Westerner’s chances.

Dublin will be very hard to beat in an All-Ireland final and will probably be favourites – they are the best team ever to play the game and are a joy to watch.

The 10 in a row provincial champions will be beaten sometime and this may be the year that it happens.

All-Ireland football

1. Kerry

Kerry have everything going for them. The 37-time All-Ireland winners have an excellent squad, strength in depth, belief, a good manager, and a star in David Clifford.

This Kerry team is destined to win an All-Ireland in the very near future and 2021 may well be their year.

One would get the feeling that when Kerry win their first title they could dominate in a way that Dublin have done.

Kerry won five All-Ireland minor titles in a row from 2014-2018 and should have stopped Dublin’s five in a row in 2019.

It is a serious Kerry side that look likely to finally cross the line this year.

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