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Sean Cavanagh Speaks Of ‘Heavy Concussion’ In First Interview Since Tyrone Drama

Tyrone’s Sean Cavanagh came off the worse for wear after the violence that took place in the county championship match last week.

The Tyrone senior football championship match between Edendork and Moy saw 26 cards issued by the referee, with six of those being red cards.

Cavanagh was the real unfortunate case to emerge from the brawls.  The 35-year-old was put in an ambulance and sent to hospital due to the severity of the injuries he received when he sustained a knee to the face after 20 minutes.

He revealed on social media that he suffered a bad concussion and a broken nose among other maladies.

Now almost a week later, Cavanagh has spoken about the incident for the first time. In an interview with BBC Northern Ireland, he told of how he’s still enduring a ‘heavy concussion’ and that he wishes to remain in action with Moy.

“Thankfully I’ve recovered,” he told the BBC’s Mark Sidebottom. “My nose is sore, I still have heavy concussion but recovering.”

“You are going to pick up knocks in sport. Saturday was no different. Thankfully the wounds are healing. Onwards and upwards. I’m sure through time I’ll get a look at it [the brawl video] but yeah.”

Sean Cavanagh of Tyrone

“I’d hope so (to play again). I love the game. I love the sport. It’s something I’ve been doing a long time. I certainly don’t want to walk away from it at this point.

“It’s disappointing from our club’s perspective. We had high ambitions but fair play to Edendork, they pulled out a good performance and wish them all the best in the championship.”

The three-time All Ireland winner also shared how it has impacted on his ability to run his accounting practice, and that he is now better-placed, with his wife being a GP, to manage a concussion tan he has in the past.


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Author: Chris Kelleher

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