The mixed reaction as Proposal B is rejected at the GAA’s special congress

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There was a mixed reaction to Proposal B not passing at the GAA’s Special Congress.

Proposal B failed to pass at the GAA’s special congress this afternoon, with the motion only receiving 50.6 per cent of the vote, less than the 60 per cent required for it to pass.

The proposal was set to radically reform the All-Ireland Football Championship, but it will revert to its tried and tested format, along with the introduction of the Tailteann Cup.

The reaction, however, was mixed, with both camps expressing their relief/disappointment with what occurred at the GAA’s Special Congress.

Reactions to the GAA Special Congress.

Leading the disappointed camp was former Offaly senior footballer Michael Duignan who expressed his frustration with the proposal not passing at Saturday lunchtime.

“Very disappointed for players & supporters throughout the country that Proposal B was not successful today,” he said on Twitter.

“There is now an opportunity & urgent need to consult again & bring back an amended proposal to Congress in February. Change is needed and we have to listen to our players.”

Along with 80% of the GPA’s members, Duignan was also joined by former Wicklow manager Johnny Magee who was not impressed with the end result.

“Disappointed for the players,” he added. “The disconnect between the players & the so called people who know what’s best for the game is massive.” 

Longford footballer Mickey Quinn also expressed his views on the proposal not going through. “It’s disappointing that it didn’t get through,” he told RTE.

“From the debate, and public conversations the last few weeks and months, it shows there is appetite there and momentum for change. The coming months are going to be very important before Congress in February, to keep looking for change in our game.”

Former Westmeath footballer Dessie Dolan added on RTE: “There are county players right around the country that will be totally disillusioned that there is still no change.”

Proposal B: The relieved reaction.

While there was much disappointment over the proposal not going through, the relief was palpable in Ulster.

“We’ve been saying all along that there is a need for change, but it has to be change for the better, not change for the worse,” said Ulster GAA chief executive Brian McAvoy.

“There was no consensus with this motion. It was divisive and we’ve seen that with the result of the vote, virtually 50-50.

“That wasn’t a way for change. You have to have consensus and there was no consensus with this proposal.”

And Donegal’s chairperson Mick McGrath added on RTE’s Saturday Sport: “Change will come but we must bring everybody with us, not 50% of the floor. There’s no perfect world but we certainly want to take all the concerns people have…

“When change is right it will be passed.”

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